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Soon in The Hague: Google Workshops, affordable workshops in small groups, on which you will do something for yourself actively. The first workshops is expected to be held in june 2009, a location is being searched for right now.

Interested? Fill in the form below and you will be informed once and without engagement as soon as it's ready.

Interest in Google Workshops


Interested in: (more info about Google products)

Basic (Google Account, Gmail, contacts, calendar)
Afterwards you can mail with your current email adresses through Gmail. Then you can access your mail everywhere unambiguously, also on your mobile phone (ready for Android among others).
Android (mobile)
Learn to get more out of your Android.
Website (SEO, Analytics, AdWords, Adsense, Maps, FriendConnect, CheckOut)
During this INDIVIDUAL workshop, you will decide the subjects yourself. Most common things are search engine optimization (SEO), visitor analytics and advertising with AdWords.
Advanced (Documents, Picasa, YouTube, iGoogle, Chrome, Sites, Translate)
Learn to use your Google account optimally with even more Google products. You will make your own start page among other things.
I have my own laptop/notebook/netbook
with internet connection of my own
with possibility for wireless internet
I prefer a private workshop at my own location